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Your lenses selection is essential for a better vision. Our online assistance will help you at every step of your purchase answering your needs and assuring you the best fitting product. Simple and clear explanations will be here anytime to answer your questions regarding your final order.

  • Polycarbonate Polycarbonate

    This unbreakable lens is 30% lighter than a basic lens and offers an entire safety in the everyday life.

  • Anti-Reflective Anti-Reflective

    The clearer lens, an incomparable transparency for the best vision. This lens also protects against scratches, glares and dust.

  • Hi-Index Hi-Index

    This lens is up to 40% thinner than a basic lens making it the thinnest lens on the market. It is the perfect partner for all frame designs.

  • Transitions Transitions

    This adaptive lens will automatically adapt to any light conditions, reducing glare with a 100% UV protection for your eyes.